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GTC aims to support SMEs to increase their business, improve profitability in an optimal way, through a business strategy based on product promotion of our country worldwide. This objective can only be achieved in an environment of trust where honesty and prime with key involvement in the project.

At present, the main obstacle for small businesses and SMEs, is the ignorance of the export process, and the high cost of implementing an export department.

GTC wants to offer the opportunity to position in foreign markets and contacting product or manufacturer and importer, distributor, we are only a tool of mediation.

GTC offers the advice necessary to access new markets through established channels, gestionándole the necessary procedures to carry out its product to destination country.

We help in arranging for: negotiation, transport logistics, customs documentation we provide a customs agent etc.

Our main goal is to export our producers or manufacturers.


Because the purchasing power is outside of our borders, export is a requirement, not just an option.

Global Trade Connection is a company dedicated to consulting firms, in this time of recession, has a business plan which focuses its efforts on providing SMEs affected by the economic situation we are going through a real and effective solution : EXPORT.

We have extensive knowledge professionals in the corporate sector employees accompany your company in the process of internacionalization. Therefore, our main goal is to promote your product in the foreign market through a process designed and tailored to the needs of your business.

Therefore provides a website where producers or manufacturers can present their products and be seen by all importers in the countries where we have open channels.


For all productive businesses to reach an high point of profitability is important to business values ​​so we can succeed.

  • Customer focus: Attitude of staff of the company to meet customer needs.
  • Commitment: Striving to achieve customer satisfaction.
  • Honesty: We work with honesty, dignity, fairness and modesty.
  • Communication: Clear and permanent with our customers.
  • Quality: Meet customer expectations by ensuring quality in processes and ensuring value products.
  • Efficiency: Ability to achieve our goal using the best means possible.


Our mission is to provide the opportunity for SMEs to expand their business capacity through a clear plan, based on the promotion of Spanish products worldwide through a comprehensive advice and customized to your needs.


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